Hello, my name is Gabriel - I make video games, but music making is a big hobby of mine and this past year I finally jumped into Eurorack. Loving it more and more every day. I thought I'd take this introductory post to talk about the last module I got, which has blown me away with how exciting it is to use. This is the Reflex LiveLoop (RLL) from SDS Digital -

I don't see this module talked about very often, but it really is incredible. There's a lot of different ways to use it, but lately I've just been sampling radio live and playing with those samples to create synced loops, and even gnarly pseudo wave-table oscillators. I don't yet fully understand every aspect of the module, but every time I use it I find myself feeling inspired and wowed by how quickly it all just clicks into something I love and didn't even know I was looking for. Modular synths for me are all about engaging with chaos and math and working with the synth to channel that into something interesting. There is no other module I've played with that so exceptionally captures that spirit as the RLL.

If you're looking for a sampling module, I heartily recommend taking a look at the RLL. If you want to hear a little bit of what I love about it - here's a dirty set I recorded live focused around the RLL The first track begins with exploring a sample tightened up to a loose wavetable size and using it as a bassline. The second track uses CV to modulate the playhead of the sample with clocked resets, as well as running the entire sequence from the sample end clock output. And the rest of the album continues to play in those veins. It's not the cleanest thing I've ever recorded, but it might be the most dynamic. I'm always looking forward to my next time sitting down with the RLL.

January 30