Hey folx, hope you're well!

My name is Bogdan. I started this site in the hope of creating an inclusive and diverse community for people that enjoy eurorack modular synthesis. Strangely, many of you are into cats too, so feel doubly at home. Fwiw, if you're like me and prefer your studio free of cat hair you are welcome too.


Sharing online can be like writing messages in the sand; no matter how beautiful or eloquent, it gets washed away. You spend a lot of time trying to make an impression with your latest creative endeavours but it gets lost in the feed. I want this site to be a place where your profile represents your body of work, organized in a tidy and accessible format for others to find about your work.

This site is a mashup between a community and a personal profile. Use it to share your work with others, connect, and find out about or get involved with other interesting projects.

This site is NOT for everyone

Not everyone is welcome. Racists, bigots, TERF's, trolls, and others that are corrosive are expressly not welcome here. If you are uncomfortable with the words art and politics appearing in the same sentence then you probably won't enjoy this site.

Really, politics?

I also started clang because there are vast problems with existing platforms for reasons of gender, race, exploitation, politics, commercialism, and the list goes on. Will this site have its own issues? Yes, of course. Think of this as a relationship. Stay active, let us know when you see something problematic, let's resolve it. But the site's mission is very much to support everyone who has previously been under-represented, 365 days a year, not just for a token day or month.

My hope is that by setting out some firm and concrete restrictions we will be able to foster the type of community that naturally propels the site in a direction that is progressive, considerate, and intentional.

Where are the features?

The site is very intentionally stripped back. There are no like counts for posts, comments, or follower counts. They are a distraction at best, and at worst, these numbers can break your focus away from honing or enjoying your craft. We do not use any analytics and have been very intentional about what code is used. We will also not be mucking around with your timeline.

Enjoy partaking in a creative community with a clean headspace.

Feel free to introduce yourself and in a first post, please let us know about an interesting project you're working on.


PS - no NFT talk please.

January 29